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California Child Molestation Attorney

There are few more terrible situations than cases in which children have become victims of molestation. When such an injury has taken place, not only will the perpetrator be held accountable in criminal court, it is possible to file a claim for damages against them in civil court. This includes cases of abuse involving teachers, counselors, coaches and others who have taken advantage of innocent children and subjected them to molestation and abuse. At Lee & Kaufman, our legal team provides compassionate legal representation to victims and their families, and will pursue compensation for damages in all types of child molestation cases. We know how difficult and emotionally upsetting these cases are. You can trust our firm to provide the utmost in confidentiality and to protect your rights throughout the process of filing a claim. A California child molestation lawyer from our firm can assist you in determining how to move forward with your claim.

Claims in Child Molestation Cases in California

The firm represents the injured victim in all types of child molestation cases, from those involving sexual exploitation, cases of sexual abuse, and rape. We protect the right of the victim who has suffered sexual assault injuries and has the right to demand compensation after suffering from abuse. We also represent clients in cases of workplace sexual assault throughout California. In cases in which there was sexual assault of a minor, the firm takes action to seek justice in financial terms in civil court. This form of justice forces the perpetrator to pay for all damages, which in sexual molestation cases are often extensive, including ongoing emotional damages. We address the victim's financial concerns and pursue a settlement that will allow them access to any treatment they may need, as well as providing financial support, as is often necessary.

It is important that you recognize the signs of child molestation, and if you suspect that this has occurred, that you take immediate action. Those who inflict harm on the innocent usually continue with their activities and bringing them to justice is a crucial matter. Your legal action can save others from suffering the same terrible abuse. For adult victims of child molestation who as a child were victimized and suffered abuse, you still may be able to take legal action against your attacker.

Sexual abuse attorneys know that their proof is largely restricted to the convincing testimony of the victim. No X-rays or CT scans can detect that sexual exploitation by counselors or teacher molestation has occurred. Rather, awareness of it is typically repressed or ignored until a victim reaches the age of 30 or so. Surfaced memories may allow a sexual exploitation victim to identify his or her abuser. There are countless cases in recent years in which criminals were finally brought to justice after abusing children for years, either in school or in a religious environment. Seeking justice through filing a civil claim demanding compensation can bring closure and allow the victim to finally move forward with their lives.

The legal team at the firm has impressive credentials to bring to your case, and an unmatched commitment to assisting the injured in bringing their claims to a successful resolution. Attorney Martin J. Kaufman is a seasoned trial lawyer with an outstanding history of success in the courtroom. With the assistance of the legal team at the firm, you can ensure that you are represented by a premiere law firm that will give your case all the attention and care that it deserves. We are compassionate, responsive and our mission is to provide the highest quality legal services to those who deserve a highly qualified and trusted attorney: victims of sexual molestation. We urge you to contact our firm for a confidential initial consultation.

We are proud to offer services to all areas of Southern California including: Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena, and Glendale.