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Sexual Exploitation

When a child is exploited sexually or used for another's benefit sexually without consent they may have been victim to sexual exploitation. This crime is often associated with teachers, coaches or mentors who take pictures of a child to use for pornography or physically touch them with the purpose of arousal. In some very serious cases, chil dren are sold into prostitution, a most terrible form of sexual exploitation. A lawyer can provide you with personal legal representation if you or a loved one is or has been a victim of sexual exploitation.

You may be able to file a claim demanding compensation for all damages, and how this is initiated and the process involved should be fully understood before you proceed. There are serious mental and physical side effects for victims of sexual exploitation, and the guilty party must be held accountable. Punitive damages are often part of such cases as the acts involved are criminal in nature. Our law firm, Lee & Kaufman, has an experienced legal team with deep knowledge of California law related to civil claims against parties who have inflicted harm on others through criminal acts. Martin Kaufman and David Lee have a combined nineteen years of legal experience and have dedicated themselves to seeking the largest settlement possible for their clients.

Why hire an attorney for a sexual exploitation case?

The attorney from our firm understands the negative effects sexual exploitation can have not only on an individual but a family as well. The damage inflicted on a child who has become the victim of a molester can have lifelong consequences and the injured child should have access to any type of counseling that the family deems would be most helpful. The legal team at Lee & Kaufman has recovered received millions of dollars for their clients over their careers and will tirelessly pursue justice in your sexual exploitation claim.

Teachers, mentors and coaches should not be allowed to engage in any sexual activities or actions with children under their care. Families and individuals who have been subjected to this form of abuse know the repercussions that these criminal acts can bring to an individual. A claim must be filed to pursue damages as early as is possible. Our legal team will carefully manage every aspect of your claim, and our skilled trial lawyers are prepared to address the issue in front of a jury should it be necessary. Our years of experience will be of great benefit in assisting you to bring your case to resolution.