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Sexual Assault of a Minor

If the victim of a sexual assault is a child, the child's parents may be able to recover monetary damages on the child's behalf. A parent may be able to bring an action against the child's assailant or against a negligent establishment, such as a school, store, childcare service, church, security company, or medical institution. If the abuse occurred in a school or as part of a supervised activity intended for children, those responsible for hiring, training or supervising the attacker may be liable for the assault.

Parents have successfully brought actions on behalf of sexually abused children against school authorities, daycare centers, church authorities, youth camps, youth organizations, negligent relatives, and others who negligently failed to warn and protect the child from abuse or who allowed the abuse to take place through negligence. In cases where another minor committed the sexual abuse, the attacker's parents may be liable for negligence. If a child is assaulted in a home, compensation may be available under the homeowner's policy, and if the child is assaulted in a car, insurance may be available under either a homeowner's policy or an automobile policy. If your child has been sexually assaulted, it is important that you contact the compassionate legal team at Lee & Kaufman immediately so you do not lose the opportunity to file a claim.

About Sexual Assault Claims

Sexual assault of a minor is a criminal act, and the perpetrator will also face charges in criminal court. Our legal team addresses the issue of damages in a claim filed in civil court to recover compensation for damages. Any activity that provides services to children, such as schools, camps, sports activities or churches can and should be hold accountable if sexual assault has taken place. Schools, churches, hospitals and stores fall into this category. An attorney can provide you with compassionate legal representation if your child has been a victim of a sexual assault.

Our law firm, Lee & Kaufman, has a dedicated legal team that has a combined nineteen years of legal experience. We have a deep understanding of the law surrounding injury claims in California, and will carefully manage every aspect of your claim. This is a type of justice that should be sought when your child has been the victim of a sexual assault.

We want to help you resolve the issue of compensation and justice for your child. The emotional aspect of these cases can make it difficult to discuss. We will discuss your case and are committed to providing you with high quality legal representation as well as the strictest confidentiality. We can help lift that pressure by providing you with experienced and compassionate legal representation.