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Child Molestation

Child molestation is a very serious criminal act, and will be addressed as such in criminal court. The repercussions of such a crime can have a negative impact on a child for the rest of their life. Child molestation is when an adult uses any form of lewd and sexual touching or comments to receive sexual stimulation from a child. If your child or a loved one has been the victim of child molestation then you must contact law enforcement immediately. It is also strongly advised that you get legal representation from a trusted legal professional to address the issue of compensation.

Severe physical or emotional effects can result from the traumatic events of child molestation. A lawyer can provide you with compassionate legal counsel if your child is a victim of child molestation. Every case is treated with the utmost confidentiality and we understand the emotional aspects of cases of the victimization of the innocent.

Our Practice Areas

Our law firm, Lee & Kaufman is qualified to represent you in the following sexual abuse or molestation claims:

We understand what you are going through. These terrible and tragic events can never be unwritten but it is not too late to file charges against the guilty party. Our law firm has nineteen years of combined legal experience and has successfully resolved many child molestation cases in a civil claim against the parties responsible. If your child was molested at school, not only is the perpetrator responsible, the school involved and others could possibly held liable . You may be entitled to reparations and punitive damages, depending on the severity of the case. Psychological harm and other problems can last a lifetime, and the guilty party must be held accountable both in criminal and civil court. We listen to our client's story and objectives and move forward with their wishes and interests as our only concern.

Was your child sexually molested?

These cases are often very difficult to discuss, and our compassionate attorney understands that it could be emotionally troubling and cause great turmoil to the child as well as the parents. As the individual who committed the criminal act is often a trusted teacher, coach, or religious worker the situation is even more dismaying. Seeking justice is an important issue, and our legal team will move forward with a civil claim to demand compensation for the damages suffered. We can help you. We are also here to listen with respect and handle your case with the confidentiality that can be so important to victims of sexual molestation or abuse. Our firm will do all possible to assist you in pursuing the maximum compensation for you or your child.