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Child Molestation Attorney in Pasadena

When a child is the victim of molestation, the perpetrator will be arrested, and hopefully brought to justice through the criminal justice system. This can bring a degree of closure for the families, but it also advised that you take action in civil court and pursue compensation from all liable parties. In cases in which a teacher, counselor or coach committed the crime against the child, the sense of betrayal and shock to the families is extreme. When you put your child into the hands of organizations it is accepted that they will be protected from harm - not subjected to criminal sexual acts. These individuals must be held accountable in every possible way, including filing a claim for compensation. A Pasadena child molestation lawyer from our firm can assist those who have suffered from these acts pursue justice through legal actions.

About Molestation Claims

Our legal team has exceptional credentials and a proven record in successfully recovering compensation for victims of child molestation, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and rape. We have extensive experience in filing claims against perpetrators who have caused sexual assault injuries, and are committed to pursuing the maximum possible under the law. We also represent clients who are survivors of a workplace sexual assault. These cases are extremely important and are part of bringing about change in our society - those employers or other employees who choose to inflict harm on their coworkers must face the consequences in civil court, and we can help resolve this issue for you.

We are committed to seeking justice for victims of sexual assault of a minor and will file a claim to recover damages commensurate with the terrible nature of this crime. We understand victim's financial concerns and can discuss this with you in a confidential consultation. We advise parents to be alert to the signs of child molestation, and if suspect your child has been a victim, we urge you to take action immediately, as abusers often have many victims and can have may be continuing their actions if not brought to justice quickly.

We also represent adult victims of child molestation who have discovered that their emotional issues or problems are based on childhood abuse that was not discovered until later in life. The statute of limitations in California allows for claims to be filed against the perpetrator, but within certain time restrictions. We can discuss your case and how to move forward and avoid losing the opportunity to file a claim against them. We provide the compassionate, effective and dedicated legal counsel and urge you to contact our firm at once in any such case.

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