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Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is classified as any unwarranted or non-consensual sexual act between an adult and a child. This is very broad and can include, but is not limited to, the following

  • Physical touching
  • Suggestive comments
  • Non-consensual photographs
  • Creating child pornography
  • Suggesting or implementing child prostitution

These terrible criminal acts can have permanent effects on the victim and families, particularly when the perpetrator was a trusted friend, teacher, coach or counselor. Serious psychological and physical injuries can occur from sexual abuse. Those who are educating our children, whether in an academic or religious setting, are unfortunately often the perpetrators in these terrible crimes. Their lengthy time with students provide them with ample time and access to the innocent to engage in their criminal actions. Adults who choose to commit criminal sexual acts involving children should be held accountable for their actions. A child molestation attorney can provide you with compassionate legal representation if are a victim of sexual abuse.

Criminal vs. Civil Action

Those who commit the crime of sexual abuse will be charged criminally. Our firm addresses the issue of compensation for damages in civil court as a separate legal action. These cases often allow us to pursue high value punitive damages. The Lee & Kaufman law firm has vast knowledge of the California legal system and has represented numerous clients in sexual abuse claims. Our nineteen combined years of experience gives us great insight into all types of sexual abuse claims and how to move forward with a civil claim to demand compensation for all damages.

We understand that you have been through a traumatic experience and we want to make sure that your quality of life and emotional health have the best possibility for a full recovery. Coaches, teachers and counselors hold the responsibility of acting professionally and in protecting children from harm. If they commit the crime of sexually abusing any child under their care, they must be held accountable for the damage they cause in a court of law.

We want to help you bring this tragic issue to a resolution. The terrible effects of these actions can lead to long term emotional damages and the victim often suffers from ongoing feelings of inferiority, fear and other emotional damages. Our law firm can help you bring this issue to a close through filing a claim for compensation. We provide compassionate and personal legal representation and are aggressive when demanding that the claim is satisfied fairly, and will pursue the maximum possible compensation possible under state law.