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Sexual Assault Injuries

Sexual assault is generally defined as unlawful sexual activity carried out forcibly or under threat of injury and against the victim's will. Legally, sexual assault involves not only a criminal act that will be addressed with felony charges in criminal court, but allows for damages to be sought in a claim filed in civil court against the perpetrator. If you or your child has been sexually assaulted, it is vital that you enlist the assistance of an experienced child molestation attorney from Lee & Kaufman to protect your interests. Victims of sexual assault suffer a wide range of emotional damages, and children who have been the victim of this criminal act can face serious personal difficulties throughout their lives.

It is clear that physical injuries are not the only type of damages that can occur from sexual assaults. Ongoing anxiety and depression or other emotional problems are not uncommon. Our legal team can have a confidential interview to help you determine what can be done to file a claim for compensation against the perpetrator of the crime and all other liable parties, whether the school, church or other organization.

We have achieved millions of dollars in settlements for our clients over our years in practice and are dedicated to pursuing justice for victims of rape in civil court. Our legal team has over nineteen years of combined legal experience, and we are personally committed to helping victims of rape get justice in civil court. We offer a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case.

Building a Strong Claim

Our legal experience and attention to detail allows us to explore the different options you may have regarding pursuing compensation from the perpetrator. There could be several liable parties. When a teacher, coach, counselor or religious worker was involved, it is possible that we can include the school or church in our claim; the victim should have been protected from harm while attending school or church. The civil action we file will address all damages in the case, and we will likely pursue punitive damages above general damages. It is important to seek justice in such cases, and we are committed to helping you achieve a settlement. Together we can take a positive step towards a brighter future for you or a loved one.