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Glendale Child Molestation Attorney

If your child is the victim of child molestation, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault of a minor or has suffered sexual assault injuries, either physical or emotional, it is crucial that you have legal representation from a skilled Glendale child molestation attorney from Lee & Kaufman. Our legal team has helped many victims pursue justice through civil court. Although many perpetrators will face the criminal justice system and face the punishment imposed by this system, there is also the opportunity to pursue justice in civil court by filing a claim against the individual and organization involved.

Compassion and Representation for You

Unfortunately, many cases of child sexual abuse are committed by those that are entrusted with our children, whether a teacher, coach or counselor. When these individuals violate trust and commit criminal acts against our children, they must be held accountable in every possible way. One of the options available under state law is that which can be sought in civil court. Our legal team will file a claim for compensation for damages. Children suffer great stress and emotional issues if they have been victimized by such a criminal, and compensation is well deserved. The school or other organization that hired the perpetrator, or allowed them access to innocent children can likely also be named in the claim we will file on your behalf. We are compassionate, committed and take the time to help you understand all of your options, and maintain the highest level of confidentiality. We know how terrible these cases are for families, and will help you throughout the process of seeking justice.

The firm also represents those who are victims of workplace sexual assault. Many individuals face extreme stress when they are victimized by sexual comments, touching, or threats in the workplace. Pursuing compensation is an important matter and could be considered part of our civic duty; no employer has the right to allow such actions to take place in their company. We are aware of the victim's financial concerns and can advise you how these cases are addressed and what you can expect with regard to compensation.

We urge all parents to be alert to any signs of child molestation, and if there is a suspicion that abuse is taking place, to move forward at once and contact law enforcement and an attorney from our firm. We also represent adult victims of child molestation and have successfully resolved these claims in court. We will fight for you and provide responsive, compassionate and effective legal counsel in any such case.

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