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What Do I Do Next?

The traumatic events you endured are extremely emotional and frightening. Pursuing justice is an important part of getting closure in any sexual assault case. The perpetrator should face criminal court and hopefully will be punished through the state's criminal justice system. Reporting the crime to the police at once is important, as they can preserve evidence that can be of benefit to them in getting the perpetrator convicted. You also have the right to file a claim against them in civil court. You may even file a claim against the owner of the property where the incident took place. Store owners, church supervisors and other groups owe the community a duty of care to provide a safe environment for any individual that is under their care or a guest or employee of their organization. A lawyer can provide you with experienced legal representation if you are a victim of sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Claims

You have endured a horrible event and the actions of your attacker are inexcusable. Filing a proper report with the authorities and receiving adequate medical attention should be a primary concern. Once you have done so, protecting your right to compensation by contacting Lee & Kaufman should be your next action. Our compassionate and effective legal team an assist you in filing a civil claim against the liable parties. We firmly believe that you should recover the maximum possible compensation if you have been the victim of a sexual assault, or if you child has been the victim of child molestation, sexual abuse, rape or other criminal act. Those who have allowed this to occur through a failure to protect your child must be held accountable. We are here to help you pursue justice and the compensation that you deserve.