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Adult Victims of Child Molestation

When a child is the victim of molestation, the situation could have been hidden for years, and even the child's parents may have never learned that their child was suffering harm through the criminal actions of another person, whether a teacher, religious worker, coach or counselor. It is not uncommon for victims to remember their assailant and the molestation after significant time has passed. Even as an adult, California law allows for a claim to be filed in civil court if you are an adult that was sexually abused when as a child. A lawyer can provide you with professional legal representation if you are an adult victim of child molestation . It is important to finally seek justice and pursue compensation for damages. Taking action in civil court to seek compensation has proven to be extremely helpful in bringing closure to adults who have suffered ongoing emotional issues due to being a victim of sexual abuse as a child.

The statute of limitations is an issue in these cases, and in California you can file a civil claim within 8 years of the age of majority (25). The law also can allow for a civil action to be filed within 3 years of the date that you discovered that you suffered psychological injury or illness that was the result of sexual abuse or molestation as a child. Many have repressed the memories far into adult life, and only finally recall the incident after they suffer emotional problems and have sought help. State law now provides for these victims to file a claim, but it must be done within these time restrictions. We urge you to contact us immediately if you are in this position so that we protect your right to pursue compensation in civil court.

Quality Representation for Adult Victims

Surfacing memories are not uncommon for adult victims as many can identify their attacker or abuser many years after the initial incident. Adults that were abused as children, whether sexually, emotionally or physically, can face specific problems and challenges that make their lives more difficult. We can review your case to establish the legal options you have.

In many cases, the abuser has a history of taking advantage of innocent children. In other cases, when your claim is filed, others that were the victim of this perpetrator will now come forward. Adult survivors of abuse can seek justice in civil court and hold the abuser accountable by filing a claim to recover compensation for the damages suffered. We provide the compassionate and committed legal representation you will need to address the complex issue of filing a claim against the liable parties if you are now an adult, but were the victim of criminal sexual acts when a child. We maintain the utmost in confidentiality and our legal team is committed to assisting you get the justice and the compensation you deserve.